Oil and Gas Engineering  (Thailand)  Co.,Ltd. (OGE)
About Us

Oil and Gas Fabricator is Oil and Gas Engineering (Thailand)  Co.,Ltd. (OGE) has been operating in the fabrication and construction industry for many years in Australia,Indonesia and now has a network of facilities throughout Thailand’s Eastern Seaboard,and now has jointed with K999 Engineering & Construction which operated a 33,000 m2 fabrication facility near Map Ta Phut and Sattahip in Rayong Province


Through our vast network of fabrication workshop, and construction sites within Thailand’s Eastern Seaboard combine with Engineering, Drafting, Inspection and Expediting, we are able to offer services from single component fabrication such as pipe spools, and structural steel components all the way to completed modules fabrication and construction.


We  specialize in pipe spool fabrication for exotic material such as all grade’s of stainless steel, duplex, and standard carbon steel.

All of our facilities have relevant quality, safety and environmental standard in place and actively pursue the compliance of all staff members to fulfill both project quality  and safety commitments.

With workshop facilities in Rayong of 33,000 m2, associated workshops and construction yards at Laem Chabang in excess of 150,000 m2, and Sattahip construction and erection area of 80,000 m2, we have ability to fabricate and construct large modules up to 2,500 ton. Pipe spool fabrication of 100,000 dia. inch per month plus tank and pressure vessel fabrication, and  capacity of 3,000 ton of structural steel per month, within our group.

Work Shop of OGE/K999 Engineering & Construction workshop facilities in Rayong of 33,000 m2



Our workshop facilities in Rayong have dedicated and segregated clean areas for exotic fabrication, this combined with the ability to roll heavy plate, our ASME approved pressure vessel shop gives Oil & Gas Engineering the ability to meet all client fabrication and construction requirements.


OGE/K999 Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd. has a  good reputation in Manufacturing & Construction for oil refinery, gas, petrochemical, industrial plant and coal fire power plant, including mining processing plants.


We has achieved outstanding fabrication  records for supplying fired  heaters (including refractory), stacks, duct, steel structure for oil refinery, petrochemical plant and other modularized plant.



Our Qualification :


► We received the certification  of ISO 9001 : 2008


► We received certification of  the ASME both of  U &  S  Stamp  since April 9, 2012


             “S”   Stamp  Certificate   No. :  43,461


              “U”  Stamp  Certificate   No. :  43,462


 ►  We  are a Thailand Government Board of Investment ( BOI ) prompted company with special privileges relating to the importation and export of project material and completed fabrication work.


    We have entered a joint operation in Thailand for the supply of fabrication and construction services to Asia, Australia, and other internationa  and local companies.


We thank you for the opportunity to introduce of company facilities and capability and look forward to receive your request in the near future.



Sincerely Yours,

 Dennis W. Hockin

 Managing Director